How can you check the loading speed of your website?

With your website, speed is everything. The most recent analysis shows that you may only have four seconds before internet users move on, which implies there’s little time to create a good impression. Statistics and online studies are constantly showing us simply how important loading speed is when it involves promoting a successful website. However, despite most businesses understanding how crucial having a speedy website can be, it can typically be forgotten as firms focus furiously on generating traffic or making more content.

According to a study published by the Aberdeen group, every extra second of delay related to loading your website pages decreases client satisfaction by 16%, conversion rates by 7%, and page views by 11%. Added along, this equals a large impact on your webpage, and your brand. To make certain that you’re not falling behind the group, here are some tips about how you can check the load speed of your website

Tools Provided by Google
Some of the most effective applications out there when it involves analyzing your website speed, are created by the company that you are most trying to impress. Google incorporates a number of helpful features for business owners to access when they need to enhance the state of their business.

Google Page Speed Insights, for example, is one of the most effective places that any company owner can begin when evaluating the performance of his or her web pages. Not only is it ideal for looking for your internet speed, it’ll also analyze various different factors throughout your website, without spending you a penny.

All you need to do is type your URL and hit the button marked ‘Analyze’. Google can generate a report from both a desktop and mobile perspective, so that you’ll discover which aspects you need to repair, which elements you’re doing right, and which factors could be improved.

A lot of firms throughout the world utilize Google Analytics as a daily part of managing their business. If you’re already running Google analytics and don’t need to have to trace down another tool to assess your internet speed, then you can simply run a report from here.

The analytics check is a little bit more basic than some of the other checks that you just will realize throughout the internet, but it will give a good launching pad for you to get started on optimizing your website. To find the speed check, go into the “Behavior” section of Google Analytics, then choose the “Page Timings” link.

Improving Your Load Time
Once you have established that you have problems with your website loading time, the probabilities are you’ll wish to find a way to repair them. Most of the time, all you need is a handy plugin to compress certain areas of your website and provide an efficient content delivery network. Of course, the amount of work that you have ahead of you’ll depend upon the extent of your issue and the issues that you have faced.